2 ago. 2007


The Project team travelled to Trébago. From the first moment, we much appreciated the hospitality shown by the mayor, Antonio Alonso, and the enthusiasm expressed by the former mayor, Conchita Delgado, who, together with her husband, Juan Palomero, offered a generous explanation of the village and its surroundings. Morever, Conchita and Juan invited us to participate in the various leisure activities that the village offers: We took walks through the black-poplar grove to the little chapel and the forests, we visited the church and its tower, we played on the wall of a handball court, we bathed in the pool, we got to know the footprints of the dinosaurs, the castle of Magaña. We tried the homemade gastronomy and visited the bar owned by Jesus, we took walks at night contemplating the intensity of the starlit sky. Curiously, at every step we took, we found carved stones with historical information.

It should not be forgotten to mention the great help given by the Association of Friends of Trébago with its publication, The Voice of Trébago (La Voz de Trébago). These magazines consist of a thorough investigation on culture that summarise the love for the village.
The web page of the association accumulates all the information:


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