19 ago 2007


The architecture of VILLAFAL must respond to the evolution of the disease accompanying the patient through the different levels of GDS. This is what we denominate “gradual architecture”.
The guests are expected to dwell temporarily at VILLAFAL, and connect their stay, that normally does not exceed fifteen days, with going out to rural areas denominated as Spaces of Life. Within this context one can assume that the patient will return on various occasions although the disease would have evolved. Having this in mind, the type of a room must not be too severe for the patient.
VILLAFAL is joint complex where one can distinguish as many areas as there are of GDS degrees. The architecture follows this classification of the illness, evolving in its built form, from a GDS area 3 where the patient can still make a self-evaluation to GDS area 7 where the patient is permanently taken care of by a specialist 24-hours a day.
Despite the different kinds of architecture that are created based on one specific use, the essence is the same. All areas offer workshops, the only thing that changes is the way each group of GDS use the rooms. Thus, the architecture evolves at same speed as the patient, that is to say, gradually. As the GDS degree rises, the density increases within the Alzheimer architecture.

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