23 ago 2007


We were much impressed by the black-poplar trees, which appeared as true architectonic elements that “planned” the paths for the fields and knitted the village with the landscape.
The drawing shows the search for weaving the site together with the municipal playground to the south, at the other side of the Cañada Real. Moreover, to establish a dialogue with nearby nature so as to enrich the project, and practising it in between the black-poplar trees without making a sharp physical border with the exterior.
The aim is also to create architecture from within the small things, where each element is identified by its function, one is able to distinguish it from afar and connect each element with a determined function.
Consequently, elements emerge that call to be used and are easy to reach in the complex. They are all, as small as they can be, equally important: the sun-lounges as the bicycle stands, the benches to the pergolas, the windows with a view towards the stars, as well as the new bridge-vantagepoint.

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